Saturdays meetings. // He came home with gifts! 👌 Thank you @createcosmetics! Can’t wait to test these babies out tonight. #createcosmetics #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406948561

Feeling fancy in @danielavakian // If you guys haven’t checked out the full shoot on my blog yet. GO. :) Okay, love you! GOOOOODNIGHT! #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406811659

SERIOUSLY?! @alexanderwangny X @haydenshapes // I don’t surf but I just want one sitting in my house… Then I’ll take up surfing. ✔️ #ffs #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406768893

Favourites ✔️ @nike // Told myself to go for a run this morning, but sat through watching the whole infomercial of the Nitro Bullet. 👌 Going now though! lol! #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406764331

WHITEOUT. // Today’s outfit fitting with @slee_label for Fridays @rawsydney event! Who’s going? SEE YOU THURRRR! 👌 #sleelabel #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406698063

Messy hair day. // Black and gold today. @byinviteonlystore @marcjacobsintl #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406696600

Goodmorning!! This morning light breaky before hitting the gym! Starting my mornings with @coffeenotcoffee and banana and Nutella on toast! 😋 #coffeenotcoffee #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406672156

#MBFWSwim Day One and Two up on bloggggg. GOGOGO! WWW.BETTINABANKS.COM //@mbfashionweek @thomaspeterfr @flowgio @agichristine @dreaciara @moniszahira @jeffreyschnabolk #MBFWSwimstagram #SoMiami #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Raleigh Hotel)

Timestamp: 1406618921

Got that, got that travel bug. ✈️ // Mental note - work your butt off to save and travel. Life is meant to be lived.
Tomorrow is another hustle day. Spread the love, Gooooodnight! ✌️ #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406549991

It’s not everyday you find a picture you taken in a magazine @collectivehub // Anyone get their hands on the new issue yet? So much love for this mag! 👌 #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406511566

Some Sunday legs. @popcherryfashion // Another cloudless Sunday in Sydney today! Went to go check out the Aroma festival down at the Rocks also, anybody get themselves a coffee or two? ☕️ #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406445542

Saturday night heels situation. @wantedshoes // Find me at my usually hotspot! @taboosaturdays WEEW! #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Taboo Saturdays)

Timestamp: 1406372153

Tonight’s cake done by my girlfriend @linda_mua! 🍰 // Love it when I get my face professionally done! Makes me feel special! :) #lindamua #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406364339

My kinda snack. @coffeenotcoffee // Love this stuff! It’s like drinking normal coffee but with more health benefits! 👌 Must try for coffee lovers and health fanatics! Yum! #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406333304

Grey for grey. @hm basic shorts. ✔️ ✔️ // I was in H&M Miami when I fell for these. They told me I couldn’t have them because they were the last ones, (which were on a mannequin) but then I gave them the puppy look. YESSSS! #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406329179