I love you Sydney. 👌 Nothing beats baked eggs and coffee to kick start your mornings. @paramountcoffee ☕️ #paramountcoffee #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Paramount Coffee Project)

Timestamp: 1406248584

"Wake up, wake up
Gotta get this paper, get this cake up
Gotta do my hair, gotta put on makeup.” // I feel refreshed & revitalised! A week away from home was all I needed to make me feel like I can conquer reality again. I’ve come back with more knowledge than you’ll ever know . Meeting all types of people, not just models, designers and makeup artists. But people who question your existence or what you do. I always say to myself that you’ll need these people so you can push yourself to do better & be better. Remember to keep doing what you do and stand up to your beliefs because the universe needs you to.
There’s nothing like the places you travel to but there’s nothing like home either. Reality is meant to be lived, live it with pride and live it well. ✌️ #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Balmoral Beach Sydney Nsw Australia)

Timestamp: 1406230587

Hey Nicky, what’s up? 👊 // Walked with the stars today. Fxcking epicccc!
#bankslife #bettinabanks (at Hollywood Boulevard)

Timestamp: 1406088659

IN-N-OUT BURGERS! Yessss! ✌️#bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1406087103

This afternoon’s food adventure in LA! 🍟 @ininoutburger WEEEW! So worth it, whatever! Lol #bankslife #bettinabanks (at In-N-Out Burger - Glendale (Harvey))

Timestamp: 1406083404

So this is what I currently look like being stuck at LAX. // My beanie is my ZEN whilst travelling! No joke! @zengarage #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

Timestamp: 1406049740

I’m really that brown. Yassss!👌 // Missing the #SoMiami sun already! 😩 @mbfashionweek #MBFWSwim #MBFWSwimstagram @swellbottle @lespecs @zimmermann_ (at On The Beach in South Beach)

Timestamp: 1406049060

It’s 6am in LA, 9am in Miami & 11pm in Sydney. Do you get it? I don’t get it. Because coffee. ☕️ #starbucks #gettingalldelirious #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Starbucks)

Timestamp: 1406034328

@mbfashionweek - This trip has been absolutely amazing, thank you #SoMiami for having me visit your beautiful city! I cannot thank #MBFWSwim enough for such an incredible experience! Thanks to the #MBFWSwimstagram competition for making this experience even possible!! @moniszahira and @jeffreyschnabolk for looking after the myself and the rest of the gang! Making sure we got to our shows on time, giving us the best seats possible, making sure we were always laughing and smiling! You guys have created something so special, I have now made new friends from around the world and can’t wait to see our friendship grow. To the @galesobe for your great hospitality, thank you! I cannot get your your marbled bathrooms and clean white sheets! 😍 To my friends, followers and fans, thanks to you guys I can now cross off this adventure off my dream list. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 😘 #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Raleigh Hotel)

Timestamp: 1406023874

I’M IN MIAMI BXTCHHH! ✌️ @mbfashionweek #SoMiami #MBFWSwim #MBFWSwimstagram #bankslife #bettinabanks (at On The Beach in South Beach)

Timestamp: 1405961321

A great way to end the trip! Getting some last minute sun before the flight to LA. ☀️ @mbfashionweek #SoMiami #MBFWSwim #MBFWSwimstagram #bankslife #bettinabanks (at On The Beach in South Beach)

Timestamp: 1405961030

Yesterday’s VIP treatment at the @mbfashionweek Star Lounge. ✌️#MBFWSwim #MBFWSwimstagram #SoMiami // #OOTD @helloparry @nike @seafollyaustralia #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Raleigh Hotel)

Timestamp: 1405949048

OBSESSED with Australian designer @suboostyle ✔️✔️ // The leather/s&m look collection was my favourite. #idiedandwenttoheavenagajn @mbfashionweek #MBFWSwim #MBFWSwimstagram #suboostyle #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Raleigh Hotel)

Timestamp: 1405945782

I’m going to make an exception to have that jumpsuit in my wardrobe 😍 // @lulifamaswimwear - fun, tropical, & chic @mbfashionweek #MBFWSwim #MBFWSwimstagram #SoMiami #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Raleigh Hotel)

Timestamp: 1405945565

@6shoreroad - African tribal inspired & digital prints + septum rings on ALL the models. 👌👌👌 // I’m all fxcking for this!! Yessss!! @mbfashionweek #MBFWSwim #MBFWSwimstagram #SoMiami #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Raleigh Hotel)

Timestamp: 1405916429