Hello beautiful. 🍎 // It’s just does what I want it to do, simply and effortlessly.👌#bankslife #bettinabanks

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#BANKSLIFE FLATLAY. ✌️ Tap for deets please! // HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY! Spread the love & champagne tonight! ✖️ #bankslife #bettinabanks

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Buried Secrets Dress. @asiliothelabel 👌 // Gotta love a back shot. ✖️#bankslife #bettinabanks

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Roses that make me happy. 💐 @thegroundsofalexandria // This bunch colouring my place and smelling fantastic! 👌 #bankslife #bettinabanks

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HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY @kosmeaaustralia 🌹 // What we’re having for lunch today at the #bankslife HQ. 👌 Thanks the girls at @elisegarlandpublicrelations!! ✖️ #kosmeaaustralia #bankslife #bettinabanks

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Morning packages. ⌚️ @danielwellingtonwatches // Starting a collection of these simple beauty’s today, because I can! 👌 HEY GUYS! Here’s a present! :) Use code “bettina” at check out and get yourself 15% off! Weeeew! ✖️ #danielwellington #bankslife #bettinabanks

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Love my hunnie. 🐝 @len_erni // Double dating at @greenpeppercorn 👌 #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Civic Hotel)

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Just got an email from @asiliothelabel and I see myself. #amazingfeelsrightnow. ✖️ #bankslife #bettinabanks

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Emails done, selfie taken, lashes appreciated @lavielash! 😘 // Time to hit to gym! 👌 #bankslife #bettinabanks

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Keepin’ it basic and grey. @iloveshowpo ✌️ // After a crazy morning running around, I’m stuck at my laptop inside doing emails! ✖️#bankslife #bettinabanks

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@lamavorganic ☕️ // Can’t wait to try the coffee bean body scrub! Yum! @elisegarlandpublicrelations @thegroundsofalexandria ✖️ #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Grounds of Alexandria)

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No caption needed. 🍓🍉🍈🍍 @thegroundsofalexandria // Thanks @elisegarlandpublicrelations @lamavorganic ✖️ #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Potting Shed at The Grounds)

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No caption needed. 🍓🍉🍈🍍 @thegroundsofalexandria // Thanks @elisegarlandpublicrelations @lamavorganic ✖️ #bankslife #bettinabanks

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Mornings at @thegroundsofalexandria for @lamavorganic! Thanks @elisegarlandpublicrelations for the coffee! ☕️ // Btw way girls! Check out @lamavorganic! Organic Skin Science that rockssss! ✌️ #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Grounds of Alexandria)

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Feeding my soul beautifully with @lovegranola___ & @coffeenotcoffee ❤️ // Some good news for @lovegranola___!! After a few months of work I’m finally launching this beauty in a couple of weeks! Wooooh! Keep them eyes peeled for more exciting news. ✖️#lovegranola #bankslife #bettinabanks

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