Yours truly featured on The Scoop List! @ericallorico Checkkk it out guys!! 😊 // Thanks for the feature babe! #thescooplist #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1408441381

Afternoon session. @smtofficial @grettarose πŸ‚ // From this day forward I promise myself to go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week and get my abs back. A week before my birthday, I got lazy and cheated my way through with chocolate! So two weeks later I’ve lost definition and tone. Give me another two weeks and I’ll be back. Starting my body with some @smtofficial! It’s been a couple of days and hell I feel good! πŸ‘Œ #thankyou #smt #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1408422869

I like my jewellery where I can see them. @thepeachbox // Probably one of the best birthday presents ever! Don’t forget to enter our giveaway guys!! REPOST A PIC OF THE PEACH BOX JEWELLERY AND TAG US! Gooooodluck! πŸ™ˆ #thepeachbox #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1408415914

How I wake up. @lovegranola___ 😍 // They say to plan your breakfast before you sleep so you wake up excited to eat. I love the sound of this! πŸ‘Œ #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1408403671

Blue coat, hat & heels ENVY. // Love this girls style, always on point. Chic + boho. What more could you ask for?! πŸ‘Œ #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1408351699

Monday looks mad, I sure am not! Wearing a new favourite from @thepeachbox 😍 // Have you guys seen our giveaway competition yet? Share a photo from me with @thepeachbox in it, tag us both and winner is announced on the 23rd Aug! GOOODLUCK! 😘

Timestamp: 1408336750

Waking up to a grey day in Sydney, but that doesn’t stop my breakfast being beautiful. This mornings beauty consists of @lovegranola___ @coffeenotcoffee @bondiyoghurt & some ahhhhmazing raw organic honey I purchased from the Bondi Farmers Markets! Hopefully the weather clears up for the weekend! I would love to go to the Bondi Farmers Markets again please! β˜€οΈ // Happy Monday lovers! Even though the skies are grey, there should always be sunshine in your soul. ✌️ #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1408324513

Soon you’ll to be mine. @ilovemrmittens 😍 // Don’t have a cream woollen jumper yet so this is on the top of my list! GOOOOODNIGHT. #bankslife #bettinabanks

Timestamp: 1408282331

Cheeeese! Yes please! βœ‹ // The Smelly Cheese Shop gets you to make your own cheese and antipasto platter and instead of taking a photo of this platter, I inhaled it. πŸ™Š What’s your favourite cheese? Mines Brie! βšͺ️ #bankslife #bettinabanks (at The Smelly Cheese Shop)

Timestamp: 1408255141

🍷 I think I have enough bottles of wine to last me half a year. But then again, more wine bottles won’t hurt. // If you guys come to the Hunter Valley, please visit Iron Gate Estate. He’s speaks of passion and create wines that are too his taste. Not a wine follower but a leader! πŸ‘Œ Roger’s his name, tell him I sent you. :) #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Iron Gate Estate)

Timestamp: 1408245879

Never to early for wine! 😁 // The Hunter Valley are known for their sΓ¨millon wines and Tempus Two makes a pretty good one! πŸ‘ŒYUM! #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Tempus Two Winery)

Timestamp: 1408235042

All I ever wanted to do was sit on this big chair! So okay, we can go home now. ✌️// Story Book Gardens is every child’s nursery rhyme and story, dream come true. Felt like a big kid in there! 😁
#bankslife #bettinabanks (at Story Book Gardens - Hunter Valley Gardens)

Timestamp: 1408181919

Sunset at our cabin 😍 // Just has picturesque as sunrise! Lovelovelove!! #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Hunter Valley)

Timestamp: 1408181141

Hello Mr Peacock! // There are so many of these beautiful birds at Krinklewood Vineyard. They have a sheep dog named Minty that chases the foxes away for them, and because of that, the birds found the new home and a protector! 🐢 #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Krinklewood Vineyard)

Timestamp: 1408179769

Krinklewood Vineyard! Biodynamic and organic wines! My most Favourite vineyard! 😍 // Picture perfect and wine sooooo goood! 🍷 #bankslife #bettinabanks (at Krinklewood Vineyard)

Timestamp: 1408179125